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Investment Recovery Services



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    Dean Overton img 5

    Mr Oaten and his team have performed wonders for me. I lost my business after it went into Administration and thought I had lost everything. On the ball, IRS wrote to me saying they could get back the tax on the investment I had made in my business: even better, they didn't want any money up front as they would deduct their fees only if they were successful. They came up with a significant refund which helped enormously in the dire times after my business went belly-up. I found their fees more than fair - considering I wouldn't have got anything had Mr Oaten and his team not come along in the first place. I couldn't recommend them high enough.

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    Shaun McElhinney img 5

    IRS contacted me after my business failed. They Managed to get a tax refund based on the shareholding lost. Their fees are only payable if successful. This was a great help at a very difficult time. Absolute first class after sales service when dealing with the revenue